PhD in Economics UBA, B.A. in Economics UBA, Public Accountant UBA, B.A. in Administration UBA and currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Data Mining and Knowledge Management UBA. Experience in technological, economic, financial and accounting consulting. Focused on new business development, process optimization and professional training. Undergraduate and graduate university professor at UBA, Belgrano, UADE, UBA Confucius Institute, and at the Academic and Knowledge Management of CPCECABA.

Every day your Institution faces a large volume of data, internal and external, from various sources: social networks, management system and customer/affiliate bases.

You and your team must make decisions without being sure of knowing the patterns that follow the flow of information you absorb. At SGdataconsulting we have a team of professionals that can help you gain knowledge from the information, facilitating the correct decision making and optimizing the performance of resources. Using statistical and econometric tools, Monte Carlo simulation, artificial intelligence techniques, accounting and management tools such as projected cash flow, risk analysis and scenarios, analysis of economic indicators, organizational diagnosis, evaluation of investment projects, among others, which allows optimizing management and adapting to a world of permanent change, taking advantage of the opportunities that the context produces.

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